GSX uses Define…Measure…Optimize ™ (DMO) as its Theory of Action to promote individuals’ skills and talent for assuring organizational mission success, business competitiveness, economic prosperity, societal benefits, as well as individual aspirations.

We believe that people and their knowledge and skills drive organizational success more than any other single factor. 

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Identify the functions, activities, and processes that people are engaged in at work

Through Skill Standards Development and Competency Modeling, GSX identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential for high performing work processes and functions.



Assess what people know and can do to be effective at work

During the development and implementation of outcome driven standards based assessment methodologies and credentialing instruments, GSX guides the design of assessment blueprints, validates individual competencies, and shapes continuing competence strategies.


Using evidence and data driven approaches to design, adopt, or adapt tools TO enhance individual and team performance

 Through the skill standards and assessment processes, multiple solutions evolve such as targeted workforce development strategies, learning solutions, credentialing, and dynamic program evaluation - all synchronized to optimize workforce performance.