GSX leverages its unique expertise in the development and implementation of skill standards, skills assessments, certifications and certificate based credentials to support the transformation of critical national security workforce elements.  THESE SOLUTIONS have supported the transition from narrowly focused occupational disciplines to an interoperable workforce capable of achieving mission outcomes through collective impact.

applications of our defense & intelligence solutions

Skill Standards

  • Define Workforce and Specific Community Skill and Knowledge Requirements

  • Map and Align Workplace Qualifications Across Multiple Agencies

  • Workforce Planning and Career Pathway System Design and Implementation

Certification Program Audits

  • Program Evaluation

  • Pre-accreditation Reviews of Credentialing Programs

  • Quality Assurance of Certification and Certificate Programs

  • Review of Technical Reports and Documentation


  • Build and Deploy Certifications

  • Build and Deploy Certificate Programs

  • Evaluate Certifications for Application

Learning Solutions

  • Develop Learning Strategies

  • Design E-Learning Programs

  • Design and Evaluate Training Programs

Support Accreditation of Certification and Certificate Programs