Our Clients in the Field of Education

National ASSOCIATION OF State Directors of Career Technical EducatioN CONSORTIUm:

GSX was commissioned by NASDCTEc to perform an alignment study, the first-of-its-kind analysis comparing each state’s secondary and postsecondary Career and Technical Education Outcome Standards to the Common Career Technical Core and the Career Ready Practices.


State of Vermont Agency of Education: 

The Agency’s Life Long Learning Division (LLL) contracted with GSX to develop an array of skill and knowledge assessments in secondary career and technical education programs to define minimum performance measures of students who participate in CTE.


State of North Carolina Community College System:

We supported the North Carolina Community College System in completing content alignment of their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) learning offerings across all programs to the national ICT Skill Standards to assure consistency and portability of credit for the students.


Gateway Technical College, Wisconsin: 

The Skill Standards model was employed as an organizing framework for Wisconsin’s Gateway Community College’s Bioscience and ICT industry clusters. The National ICT standards were a key factor in a faculty-led program reconfiguration.


New Futures Foundation: 

The DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education funded the build-out of a “Career Navigator Website” by New Futures in partnership with GSX and The Sutter Group, the technology provider.


Corporation for a Skilled Workforce: 

GSX has been engaged as a contributor by the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce in the creation of a Certificate Qualifications Framework (CQF) as a complement to the Lumina funded Degree Qualifications Profile. The goal is to create a beta version of the CQF that can be broadly tested as part of a strategy to align various forms of credentialing into a more seamless system.


University of Hawaii:

GSX was contracted to assess whether their curriculum meets or addresses nationally identified skills gaps and training requirements that has been the subject of other bodies of research conducted for the Intelligent Grid Management or Smart Grid Technical Workforce


western governors university:

GSX evaluated the performance assessments of each of the programs within four colleges at the university and provided guidance on optimizing the assessment practices at the university.  In a second project, GSX provided training on the competency design process. 


north country career center:

GSX worked with the career center leadership to develop a career pathways framework as well as a model for evaluating student outcomes post-graduation.