Learning never ends

Our Educational Solutions

Bridging the gap between the worlds of work and education.

Our broad and established capabilities in developing and leveraging learning standards, measuring and credentialing, and creating unique methods and concepts for system improvements have permitted GSX to support various public and private educational programs and workforce development initiatives.


We work with NIMS

GSX is proud to have worked with NIMS to support the redevelopment of two of their machine maintenance credentials. NIMS sets industry skills standards, certifies individual skills against the standards, and accredits training programs that meet NIMS quality requirements. GSX provided expert knowledge and guidance to facilitate the redevelopment process in order to ensure that the assessments were measuring the intended knowledge and skills and that the credentials were valid and reliable.


  • Prepare all students to meet the skills demand of the market economy and achieve their unique aspirations.

  • Build collaborative systems between employers and education/workforce development agencies.

  • Improve college access and completion, gainful employment, and career advancement opportunities.

  • Support seamless integration of the learning process from entry through the lifelong learning experience.



  • Competency, Knowledge, and Skills Research and Analysis

  • Development of Programs of Study

  • Development of Occupational and Learning Pathways

  • Credentialing Tools and Options


Skill and Knowledge Assessment

  • Assessment Tools and Strategies

  • Alignment with Industry Requirements

  • Program Evaluation

Education/Training Design

  • Curriculum Frameworks

  • Instructional Design

  • Blended and E-learning Solutions

  • Competency Based Models

Program Audits

  • Quality Assurance

  • Process Integrity

  • Process maturity—continuous improvement models