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April 2019 — Today, nearly sixty percent of employers have job openings that stay vacant for 3 months or more. And given impending shifts in workforce demographics, tomorrow looks even bleaker. Failure to address this issue will have painful and tangible consequences . Simply put, demand for skilled talent is outstripping and will continue to outstrip supply. In the following article: “Assessment Matters: Optimizing Upskilling, Preskilling, and Reskilling Programs,” GSX’s Dr. Joselito Lualhati analyzes the problem and discusses how GSX seeks to solve this problem for organizations.


Dr. Lualhati

Executive Vice President of Innovation & Design

March and April 2019 — Our work at GSX attempts to bridge the gap between the worlds of work and education. To that end, we are anxiously awaiting a series of reports from OPM that will discuss in detail the skill shortages and skill gaps that exist in various fields.

We hope the OPM reports provide greater visibility into the nature of the workforce challenges that federal agencies are experiencing. We are also interested in whether federal agencies conclude that their workforce challenges go beyond solely “people problems.”

Dr. Lualhati discusses our interest in the OPM reports and why they are important to our work in the following article: “Are we ready to manage “people-related risks”?