March 2019- GSX is looking to hire an Analyst for a full-time position supporting various projects across government and higher education institutions. 

The level at which an applicant may be hired (i.e., junior or senior) will depend on his or her credentials, experience, and current clearance status.

Working under the direction of Senior I/O Psychologists, the Analyst will focus heavily on psychometric analysis of test and item functioning using CTT and IRT.

Other assignments will include supporting the analysis of work functions, develop competency-based skill standards, and develop, implement, and maintain knowledge and skills-based assessments. To learn more, click here.

INTERN- March 2019
GSX is looking to hire an Intern to support various projects across Government and Higher Education institutions.  Internship length may depend on project availability and applicant experience/time constraints (i.e., summer internship or longer). Working under the direction of I/O Psychologists, an Intern will support the analysis of work functions including the development, implementation, and maintenance of knowledge and skills-based assessments. To learn more, click here.