GSX Supports Enterprise Organizations

through projects and engagement with national and international trade and professional associations and foundations. GSX supports the development of broad workforce strategies, certifications, workforce learning solutions, professional development and career management.

GSX brings its expertise tO employers AND INDUSTRIES witH specific workforce challengeS.  WITH a sharp focus on ENTERPRISE capability, GSX DEFINES skill and knowledge requirements, designs measurement and assessment TOOLS, and implements talent management systems.


applications of our industry sector & employer solutions

Program Evaluation and Quality Audits

  • Risk Analysis

  • ISO/NCCA Compliance

  • Competency Reviews and Updating

Training Solutions

  • Training Development

  • Creative Learning Solutions

  • E-learning and Blended Learning Solutions

  • Training Evaluation

Certification and Certificate Development

  • Workforce and Job Analysis

  • Psychometric Services

  • Program Design and Optimization

  • Accreditation Support

Competency Development

  • Competency Modeling

  • Career Management Processes and Tools

  • Workforce Research