Joselito Lualhati

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Joe is a GSX serves as the organization’s executive vice-president for Design. His position calls for Joe to fulfill multiple roles.

First, he serves as the organization’s lead psychometrician and oversees the design, development, validation and implementation of both educational and psychological measurement tools and protocols in support of Human Capital and Educational System/Program development projects and initiatives. Joe also serves as GSX’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO). In this role, he works with prospective clients, existing clients and partners to design, develop, implement, and evaluate both professional and workforce development systems for both public and private sector organizations. This includes large-scale professional development and/or workforce development projects within the Department of Defense (DoD), state-level education and workforce development systems and institutions, private-sector organizations, NSF-funded advanced technical education centers, and USAID-sponsored international projects.

Joe also serves as GSX’s team lead in both customer- and problem-oriented research and development efforts. The former includes designing standards- and measurement-based approaches for addressing client- and/or partner-specific challenges and opportunities, while the latter entails conducting research to establish evidence-based solutions for addressing systemic challenges and opportunities.

His experience includes work in the areas of skill standards development, job analysis, and competency modeling; workforce development system design, development, and evaluation; high-stakes assessment design, development, validation, and evaluation; and the design, development, implementation and evaluation of national and proprietary professional certification programs. Joe currently serves on the Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE) technical committee charged with developing national standards for assessment-based certificate programs. He was the Senior Technical Director of the National Skill Standards Board in Washington, DC. His responsibilities there included: designing, setting up, and/or standing-up a standards-driven workforce development system for five major U.S. economic sectors: manufacturing, information and communications technology, education and training, sales and service, and hospitality and tourism.

Prior to joining NSSB, Joe served as an internal consultant for Motorola, IBM, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Avaya Technologies with a specific focus on strategic productivity initiatives (such as process reengineering and organizational redesign/restructuring initiatives).

Joe holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (with a minor in Social and Quantitative Psychology) and has written and published a number of research reports, articles, and reviews that have appeared in journals including both Organizational Research Methods and The European Journal of Social Psychology. Joe presents his ideas and work at national conferences and continues to write proprietary technical reports and concept papers.

Some X-Facts about Joe

  • When Joe left a past position, the organization’s national labor union awarded him a “gold watch” embossed with the union’s logo for being an “objective, fair, and trusted partner” – a description not usually used to describe a “management” person according to the union’s representatives.

  • Joe loves to bike and has been afflicted by the N+1 bike rule.  This means that the correct number of bikes a person should own is N (number of bikes currently owned) + 1.