L Dian Stoskopf

L. Dian Stoskopf

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Ms. L. Dian Stoskopf most recently serves as subject matter expert for Global Skills Exchange (GSX).   In this position, she supports a GSX client at the client site.

Ms. Stoskopf is a Hopkins Fellows in Change Management, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, holds a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies – Human Services, Boston University, Boston, MA, and is a graduate of Army Management Staff College, and Management of Life Long Education, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Boston, MA.

Ms. Stoskopf accomplishments included envisioning eArmyU, a program that uses technology to enable soldiers to complete degree requirements online, “anytime, anyplace”.  Serving over 79,000 active soldier participants, eArmyU revolutionized Army education and served as a premier online learning program for a new generation of soldiers.  The program received 15 awards for innovation and effectiveness.

Some X-Facts about Dian

  • Ms. Stoskopf received the highest civilian award for peacetime service, the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service.

  • She is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the John Brian Service and Leadership Award sponsored by the Council of College & Military Educators.

  • She has also received the James F. Nickerson Medal of Merit, sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.