CMCO Videos

The Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) program was created by industry experts to ensure that data center operators are prepared for mission critical incidents and events. They turned to GSX to administer and manage the certification.

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When disaster strikes

Do your data center operators know what to do if there’s an emergency? Do they have the foundational knowledge they need to avert and avoid a major disaster? Have their skills validated with CMCO or CMCP.


Bryan Kainrath, our senior vice president of Commercial and Proprietary Services, and Dyan Lee, our marketing and communications lead, discuss why the CMCO program is vital to the data center industry.


TJ Ciccone from CoreSite talks about why CMCO is important for data center operators.

Nancy Novak talks data

Nancy Novak, the senior vice president of construction for Compass Datacenters, talks about her exciting career in construction and data. She also discusses why there is a shortage of women in data and what is changing.

She closes the interview by talking about CMCO and how it can help women boost their careers in the data center industry.

Jasmine Richards is a data center technician at CoreSite in Virginia. Learn why she loves her job.

Hear what she has to say about women in data and why credentials like CMCO and CMCP are valuable.

Stefany Wesson is a sales engineer at CoreSite. When she started working the data center industry many years ago, she had no idea what a data center was and why they are important.

She talks about the gender-disparity gap and offers women some key advice on breaking into the field.

Breaking into the data center industry can be confusing. Visit to learn about the jobs that are available, the skills required, and the CMCO / CMCP credentials that can help candidates gain entry.