GSX operationalizes its services and products –through our Define…Measure…Optimize ™ (DMO) focus action---by connecting four capabilities: Competency Definition, Competency Attainment, Competency Assessment, and continuous Program Evaluation.

Our DMCO systematic approach helps organizations recruit, select, manage, develop, and retain high performing individuals. Specific services in this DMO system include:

  • work analysis

  • skill standard development

  • competency development

  • assessment development

  • learning program design and implementation

  • accreditation support where necessary

  • tools such as technology enabled career navigation


A clear benefit in utilizing the four GSX Organizational Capabilities is the reduction of the time it takes to create organizational value through newly hired or seasoned professionals building additional competency. 

The faster people learn how to use information, enact policies and procedures, and use technology to transform inputs by using both their prior knowledge/skills and those they learned on the job to create value for an organization, the faster they become an asset to the organization.

Competency Attainment

GSX has access to an inventory of full spectrum learning solutions as well as protocols for executing personalized learning pathways. This individualized learning model, directed by an individual’s competency attainment goals, significantly improves organizational capability.

Competency Definition

GSX identifies risks to organizational capability as a result of personnel competency deficits. The GSX PROOF strategy identifies and prioritizes those risks and provides the tools necessary to understand and manage these risks through the DMO process.

Competency Assessment and Evaluation

To enable the efficient use of competency assessment and program evaluation, GSX develops a suite of reliable and valid measures of both individual and workforce measures of performance. These metrics also address quality assurance factors, process integrity, and continuous improvement processes. Each is an important indicator to ensure that targeted programs are meeting their intended goals.

GSX has developed program evaluation strategies including a dynamic scorecard supporting a dashboard for depicting workforce readiness.