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Shelly McDowell

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Shelly is a Senior Analyst at GSX. In her role, she supports an array of projects and applies expertise in several areas including, test item development, item analysis, validation of certification exams, building competency models, planning and administering job task analysis, Accreditation and Certification package consultation, and support.

Before joining GSX, Shelly worked as a Psychometrician, for a Government Agency’s Education Team. Before fully embracing Data Analysis and Social science, Shelly spent most of her career as a Clinician. Shelly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, spending the first 15 years post-college as a Child Welfare, Child Protective Specialist, Family Therapist, Community Advocate, and Program Manager for a national military program for Psychological Health.

Shelly has her Bachelor of Social Work from Stony Brook University, Master of Social Work from Fordham University, and PhD in Social Work from Howard University. Shelly also holds several specialty certificates, including Credentialing Specialist, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, and Instructional Systems Development. 

Some X-Facts about Shelly

  • Shelly loves to teach! She is currently an Associate Professor at two universities.

  • Shelly loves to travel! Her best trip to date was backpacking thru Morocco.