Defense Intelligence & Security Clients

GSX Has worked with over 15 U.S. military, security, and other Department of Defense (DoD) agencies as either a prime or subcontractor.   Examples of our projects include the following:

  • GSX is the lead technical contractor for the development and implementation of a DoD strategy for building an integrated system for training and certifying DoD professionals across multiple disciplines, resulting in the first DoD nationally accredited certification programs designed and deployed as a result of this strategy.

  • GSX inventoried the knowledge, skills, and abilities for the federal security workforce as part of the Joint Security Training Consortium.

  • GSX had a multi-year agreement to initially develop and continually verify the Information Assurance Skill Standards to support certification of the DoD Information Assurance (IA) workforce. As a result, this contributed to the Department of Homeland Security’s Common Body of IA Knowledge that is the foundation for the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

  • In coordination with the Institute for Defense Analysis, GSX assisted the DoD in developing a model for defining IA functions and related knowledge and skill to create the framework for the certification of the IA workforce.

  • GSX conducts targeted personnel research projects for DoD organizations.

  • The Content Oriented Certification Alignment process is a GSX solution for mapping industry based certifications to military positions and job roles.

  • GSX created and implemented competency modeling projects and training evaluations to assure resulting behavior changes based on the intended training objectives has led to performance of organizationally valued behaviors.