Global Skills Exchange

With the skills-gap disparity growing and a worker shortage under way, federal agencies are taking important steps to attract and retain highly skilled people–– keeping them happy, engaged, and skilled as time goes on. At GSX, our goal is to empower federal agencies and others to stay abreast of accelerated change, and we’re helping them solve people-related risks. Check out our Vision and Mission below to learn more about our transformative work in this area. — GSX President & CEO Dave Wilcox

Our Vision

is to be a leader in empowering organizations to anticipate, address, and adapt to dynamic and ongoing change, where organizational transformations and shifts in technology, mission, and business strategy call for continuous reshaping of the workforce. GSX designs, implements, and manages innovative strategies and solutions that enable organizations to leverage people to meet current and future workforce challenges.


Our Mission

We believe that people drive organizational success! That is why our MISSION is to design, measure, and optimize people’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our innovative tools enable organizational leaders to make better decisions about people, leading to actions that create enduring impact. To that end, we are committed to ensuring individual performance and organizational readiness now and in the future.


Our Partners & Clients

GSX strategies and solutions have been introduced and implemented in private, public, federal, and educational institutions. We roll up our sleeves to help you design, build, and implement a solution that best fits your organization and its people.

Manage Disruption & Achieve Your Mission with GSX’s Solutions!

With a talent shortage existing in many sectors already, it will be imperative for federal agencies and other organizations to attract and retain highly skilled people—keeping them happy, engaged, and passionate about their work and the organization’s mission.

Skilling, reskilling, and upskilling on a continual basis must be top priorities for any organization seeking to thrive and survive amid the chaos and uncertainty.

Being proactive with regard to “people” and recognizing how people-related risks will impact government and organizational processes will be of paramount importance. Our work speaks directly to those concerns.


Does your organization have the right people

with the right competencies to continually provide exceptional value to fulfill your objectives? Does your organization leverage and value your talent resources effectively? If not, let GSX’s highly experienced team of Industrial / Organizational psychologists, data scientists & researchers assist you making valid & reliable decisions.