Global Skills Exchange (GSX)

a Veteran-owned company that specializes in designing workforce and educationAL strategies and processes which allow customers to meet their specific performance goals.

The GSX core business model revolves around defining functional competency models and developing valid and reliable assessment tools as the foundation of credentialing and educational programs.


David E. WilcoxJoselito Lualhati, Ph.D., and Jana Wilcox Lavin founded GSX in 2003.  David and Joe were key staff members of the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB).

NSSB, a congressionally chartered federal initiative funded from 1994-2003, administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, was charged with improving methods for defining and measuring human work performance across multiple industry sectors. Dave and Joe had the technical responsibility for managing, designing and conducting organizational and industry research.

GSX was created subsequent to the sunset provision that discontinued the activities of the NSSB.  We recognized the need to continue the key elements of the progress that had been made in developing and deploying industry standards and industry valued credentialing.  GSX was formed and has continued to expand the knowledge and the application of knowledge in these and related fields.  GSX reached its 12th anniversary in 2015; and our business practice now includes the goal of investing funds and in-kind services for new ideas, important research, and promising practices.


CEO Dave Wilcox

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